Friday, 15 February 2013

New Beginnings........

Well I have had a good think over my break and think I know what path Molly-Rose Designs will go down.

I found doing both the personalised and supplies side of business very time consuming so have decided for the time being that I will just concentrate on helping you with the cutest supplies at the best prices I can find for you and also with any hints, tips and links to help you with your party designs.

There are some AMAZING party stylists out there and I cannot wait to show you what they have been doing for some very special little party people.

I have a few outlets for you to view what is happening here at M-RD headquarters and they include:
  • Facebook - where you can view and comment on current stock, new stock, upload pics of your parties for inspiration for others and have a chat once in a while.
  • Weekly Newsletter - which I will have special deals, hints and tips, sneak peak at new stock etc. and of course the Freebie of the Week. There is a link on my Facebook page for you to sign up to receive my newsletters via email every Monday.
  • My Online Store where you can buy great products at great prices. I am slowly getting all my stock onto the store and putting links through facebook
  • and of course this blog which will have pictures that you can use for inspiration, any new books that I have found and of course links to ideas for parties etc. There are links at the top of the page to my Facebook page and Online Store.
So I hope you find all of these avenues useful for your party planning and styling. :-)

Talk Soon

Peta x

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